20 January 2011

Survivors in BolehLand

I always feel proud when I think of my friends and those I care of at BolehLand. They are minority (20-30 % of the country population)and they enjoy special treatment and challenge because they are different. They have to work hard and run like mad day in day out. With so much barriers and resistants, they never demand for better treatment or just give up.  

I received a forward email with below photo (a flyer for home loan from major finance body) and I think no harm to blog it Smile with tongue out 

sime uep phamplet (640x278)

If me and most of my kind go to this bank and sign up for home loan.. we will happily accept the requirement for us to pay the instalment amount printed as the last column without complain. We used to it already mah ! hehehehe

Don’t worry… Don’t get upset… Don’t give up…. we born with harder bones… we accept the faith… we will survivor….

Think about it… non of the winner from the reality show => The Survivor would be able to beat anyone of my kind if place those champion from US at BolehLand Hot smile


Abesa007 said...

happy chinese new year !

Anonymous said...

a great difference! Sui