19 January 2011

AYAM Brand

2 weeks ago, I did a quick survey on a famous household brand => Ayam Brand on Facebook. The survey question I put up there was :

Friend, please support my survey Question here !
"What 1st popup in your mind when you see this LOGO ??"


Among the respond I got were :

# either sardine fish or barley.i ever bought barley in tis ayam brand container.

# coconut milk?

# wow...many lar..sardin, tuna, bakebeans etc....PASSED your servey!!! lol....

# Sardin!

Lucky the above buddies give face by respond or else kind of embarrass if nobody answer from survey right ?  Smile with tongue out

Okay, now brace yourself for some surprise on what I can buy here at KoalaLand supermarket which manufactured by Ayam Brand !  

2011-01-05 12.17.26

No kidding… Chilly sauce by Ayam Brand ! Disappointed smile and and and… here come the label printing which mentioned the country of origin !


Clear Clear printed => Product of BolehLand !

Anybody from BolehLand and LionLand have this Surprised smile look ???

Indeed I was totally speechless when I first came across this brand at supermarket. During that time I get my camera out and snap snap snap the next 3 photos which I going to show below !

Ayam 1

Yes, not only chilly sauce… they also produce this lar that lar for oversea market…

Ayam 2

Ayam 3

So after reading this blog… next time when you see Ayam Brand products which carry other than sardin…. coconut milk…. barley… u will not have this expressionSurprised smilelike me than.

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Anonymous said...

maybe our supermkt hv by now?? anyway,,u can buy almost all of it for your seasoning to cook at home. Sui