18 January 2011

Chicken Talk

This is an important message which I want to share with other. Maybe most of you guys already know of this subject but the naive me (human who don’t like to cook) still in shock of my recent finding.

The subject here is FAT in chicken (or should make it more general, FAT in our meat)

Brought back 2 big pieces of raw chicken drumstick this afternoon. Look nice and huge…. good deal right ? Hot smile

2011-01-18 13.58.25

For those who follow my blog, they would know that the next thing I did was remove skin. Here pulled there torn… after 30mins… here come my skinless drumstick…

2011-01-18 13.58.18

mmm… neat or not ? Not bad for a non cooking uncle to produce this result right…. forget about the above fresh meat.. check out what I collected and ready to dispose instead….

2011-01-18 13.58.12

Yah… you are looking at a big bunch of horrible content we normally put into our stomach especially when having fries chicken.

There were the mixtures of SKIN and FAT I carefully removed from the drumstick. Seriously, not little oh… about 1/5 of the weight of the drumstick. I also know they were not all that I have removed from the drumstick because I know I can get more FAT if I start to debone the drumstick (there some more FAT hiding between the fresh and bone)

I am not asking you guys to stop having chicken BUT I just want to remind you that do pick out these not friendly at all stuffs when you put those meat into your mouth Confused smile

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Anonymous said...

haha. i knw it but its impossible to eat KFC or any fried chickens w/out the skins lah. Sui