20 January 2011

Real Noodle for Dinner

I had this take-away fried noodle as dinner just mins ago operated by a Chinese restaurant (China cook) about 15 mins walking distance from my apt. Look yummy right I don't know smile

2011-01-20 20.19.08

So I wish Disappointed smile… seriously, it taste like noodle… I mean NOODLE…. nothing other than NOODLE taste…. no fried smell upon I removed the plastic lid. Put the noodle in my mouth…. mmm…. no other taste beside NOODLE & OIL (I mean not salty, no meaty, no soya.. Nothing at all !!)

Dumped the entire pack into bin a few mins after, I did picked the beef slice to bite and again.. tasteless.

Can you believe it ? The China auntie told me she started this restaurant more than 20yrs ago !!! Surprised smile How the business run with such a nothing dishes ?

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Anonymous said...

my God! & she never bother to improve her cooking skills! Sui