11 January 2011

SOooooo Thin

I took the photo shown below at a department store under home entertainment section.

2011-01-08 14.03.43

Any idea what I try to share with you ? Sarcastic smile

Most likely you have no idea what so special about above photo… let me do some highlight on it… nah…. look at the same picture but with red circle at below !

2011-01-08 14.03.43

Can you see the thickness of this thing ???

Talk about this thing… it is Samsuing 50” wide LCD TV. The front view of this super thin tv are as below.

2011-01-08 14.05.00

It cost about AUD$ 7K, too expensive for me but for those who love to window shopping on home entertainment set… do look for this TV set the next time you out there…  seriously… it really THIN !!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ya. its really really thin. marvellous. x lar.. wont spent 7K to buy it. Rather use this amt to travel. Sui