11 January 2011

11 1 11

Today is 11 Jan 2011…. or 11 1 11…  Surprised smile FIVE1” in a row, special day indeed.

How many of you forget to take note of this nice figures ?



Channel 11 – A new free to air TV channel launched Thumbs up

At 11am this morning, another new TV channel go on air at KoalaLand… drama queen or king like me gone from Sibuk (busy) to Lagi Sibuk (more busy) from today onward.

I browsed thru the program list…. mmm…. beside a few highly anticipated series (by me) like Supernatural, So You Think You Can Dance, Califomication, 90210 the rest are OLD series… OLD = very old n totally not happening shows. Sleepy smile I don’t know why the station decided to expend another channel and than put all the junky show in it. This was the 3rd new free channel came on air since last 12 mths (7mate and GEM) but all adapted same formula…. broadcast old products !!!!

Think positively is a blessing to my recorder too… at least the poor thing no need to work extra over time on recording my favourite shows Vampire bat

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