10 January 2011

Steamed Egg

This was the “steamed eggs with meat” I prepared and had for dinner on Sunday. Look neat ? Nyah-Nyah

2011-01-09 18.55.49

It was my 3rd attempt in cooking this simple dish and got a satisfying result this time. (1st time burn the top layer, 2nd time not enough water so only left meat at the based)

As for this latest trial, I managed to produce a soft spongy egg layer on the top half and juicy meat the bottom layer. Just like the next photo Rolling on the floor laughing

2011-01-09 19.03.46

Mum used to cook this dish for us at home. She steamed it in wok. For my case, I OVEN it instead. To solve the burned top problem, I wrapped the opening of the container with Al foil.. that simple.

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Anonymous said...

yes. simple dish. I love it too. Sometimes, I juz steam with juz meat & chinese slice mushroom, then add corn starch to hv a smooth meat texture. Can try it out. Sui