07 January 2011

Bun as Lunch

Time to me fun of my SALAH-ness again !

I can’t really remember when was the last time I had buns for lunch but I know I had 3 for lunch on yesterday.

It happen that I was looking for roti (bread) after finish work. Instead of taking the standard white bread, my eyes fixed on these buns and decided to try them out….

2011-01-06 14.00.46

The funny part was I not even plan on how to have it…. just took and go…

 Question on what to eat with only pop out when back to apartment but don’t worry… my fridge always full with eat-able stuffs…. this was how my bun turn out after 10mins of hard work…

2011-01-06 14.05.26

Am so happy as I managed to finish those ham. Also feel much more healthy after swallow down these buns… in fact I already think of having similar meal next week but this time I will bring back burger bun Angel

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Anonymous said...

I like this homemade bread of yrs.I will definitely eat it if u make it for me. Sui