06 January 2011

Burp ---- Teriyaki Chicken

Excuse me… I burp very loud after dinner, hopefully you never heard it Embarrassed smile….… My excuse for such a rude behaviour was I’m too satisfied with the Teriyaki Chicken I stir-fry for dinner. Let me show you my yummy chicken….

2011-01-06 20.07.33

It took me 1 hour to prepare for the cooking… mainly to de-bone the fresh from the drumstick. The rest were cut garlic and onion.

The stir fry made so easy with a stove (just think about my shower cooking portable stove Winking smile)

The black spots on my finishing dish were black pepper, not poison !                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

2011-01-06 20.01.59

This is the recipe gravy I used for my Teriyaki Chicken…. One of my favourite brand……


Anonymous said...

yes..i love teriyaki sauce too. Do they sell garlic roasted teriyaki sauce? It's equally nice. Sui

Anonymous said...

It wld b good to always add some snow peas/cauliflower/brocoli/green peas/carrots to fry with the chicken/pork meat for a balance diet. Sui