07 January 2011

Angry Bird–Level 1 Done !!

Friday afternoon 16:23 is a very significant date and time to me…. because it is the moment I achieved the target I set for Angry Bird App !!!

I got thru first level of the game… Poached Eggs !


After more than 3 hours of beating in order to get thru the last 3 stages which were very hard to get the higher score… but my hard work get the result finally…. Winking smile

See See See… another ALL STARS display on my screen !


Now is the time to show off my score … mmmm…. somebody… yes SOMEBODY named Fong is watching closely on this figure…… wonder wonder wonder ! hehehehe… Oop ! These few words of my may made someone turn ANGRY and start to poke the iPhone screen again ! Smile with tongue out Or maybe my no is not as high as I expected ?


So what’s next !? I decided to stop poking my phone screen for next few hours… my Galaxy battery ran flat so many times on last few days… I reckon the screen should have crack marks by now because a few times I so angry with the outcome and my fingers turn into fork (I am a mutant.. like X-man)

Think about it… charging so many times… this end month electricity bill will not be cheap too Crying face

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Mummy-t said...

Haha..... My score 3822790