08 January 2011

My Chicken Soup

It took me about 20 mins to prepare the materials for my soup which included of remove skin of 3 drumsticks, cut potato, onion, garlic and carrot. After that another 25 mins to cook them until it end up like below bowl of Chicken Soup.

2011-01-08 19.25.34

II I am not mistaken, this could be my very FIRST pot of home cook soup in this life (I really can’t recall I ever put effort in boiling a soup in last 42 yrs Smile) Oh ya, the recipe I added in was those prepack herbal powder.

How I grade my Chicken Soup ? Just consumable. A few error made during the procedure…. Too much water ! Beside oyster oil (stated in the packing) I also added in seafood sauce which end up too sweet for the soup. This call Smart Alex cum act smart !! Just kidding

However, I do have one point to cheer on… the meat of the drumstick just nicely cook (my normal error was blood inside or too hard due to over cooked)

A good experience and I am looking forward for more challenging soup after tonight Thumbs up


Abesa007 said...

dude! I really like your blog! its so funny hahahaa

why does your chicken looks scary hahaa

Ah Tom said...

mmm... scary ? how scary why scary ??

Anonymous said...

good try...hope u et a better chicken soup next round . Jia You
Fm : JJ

Anonymous said...

alamak..nobody add seafood sauce into chicken soup! Sui