21 September 2010

Those Magnolia

After my exciting discovered of Yellow Magnolia, the lazy me dug up the rest of my magnolia photos collection which I took on last weeks but never put up here.

The one very light pink flowers….

0 Pink 1

This one darker pink… maroon ?

0 Red

You can see that both types have round shape flowers right ?

Ha… that are not all… I also see another type which have a very thin petals….. only one home have this plant….

0 Pink thin

I love magnolia since I learn this is how they look like. I am going to continue check on every tree till the season is over (I think they only blossom on spring… not sure… let wait and see how the plants change)

oh… one more photo of magnolia…. look at this one…… the entire plant just full with the flowers…..

0 Pink

but have a look at the ground too…. the owner have to do a lot of cleaning after the blossom period….


Anonymous said...

oh..mesmersized by yr magnolia flowers!! I wish I am there. In Jpn, its cherry blossom, in Melb. is magnolia blossom...what other flowers blossom in Melb.? Sui

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