22 September 2010

Talk Chicken

Time to stop flower talk but switch gear to chicken talk for a while smile_regular

What to talk about chicken ????

Let start my story with me carried a pack of fresh drumstick (with 8pcs inside) back home from supermarket yesterday.

The rule here is if you want to save $$$… than buy chicken which come in semi original form… meaning with skin & bone. If lazy or want to save time, than pay 50% more to get a neat skinless cum boneless pack.

I had tried to skin my drumstick in the pass but it end up with my meat look like rojak (something like smashed)

So… I heard from a smart guy that skinning is not a hard task….. the concept is let the meat in freezer and frozen them than start to do the work.

24 hrs gone….. skinning time…..

All 8 drumstick laid nice nice on basin….. picked one up…. pulled…. easily the skin dropped till the end…. but stuck there because strong join between skin and bone…. think think think….. knife out and chop chop chop.

The bone gave way and there I go… a skinless drumstick. Happy BUT suddenly I reliased my palm get numb…. the frozen meat transfer the cold feeling… quick… rinsed my palm under hot water and than back for the rest.

more than 30mins gone… all 8 naked fresh drumstick on tray. GOOD… the thing I enjoy most was I am able to cut off the FAT from the meat….. What a healthy way to eat chicken meat right ?

Since I am free… so next idea come out… lets do the boneless challenge…. mmmm… this one a bit tough… if i am not careful… i would either get my fingers cut by knife OR have the bone poke into my skin…. another 30mins passed and here come the result of my hard work…..

2010-09-21 14.47.01

I think not a bad effort… will keep up with this practise in future…. cost saving + healthy lifestyle + potentially secure a job in wet market…. smile_shades

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Anonymous said...

hey...applaud-able..great effort done---although time spent too much on it.(1st time- acceptable). Sui