22 September 2010

Spring flowers

This bush of plant grown along my work place fence beginning to flower lately.

This is how the plant look like from a distance…

2010-09-17 13.42.47

Small tiny flowers with colour something like purple/pink + white…. don’t know how to put it in word.

Picture 2 zoom in close to the flowers…… now you can see thousand of small flowers blossom….

2010-09-17 13.42.37

I like the size of these flowers because from far you just see the big colourful shade but when you get very close to them, actually you can see each individual flower in their own form….

2010-09-17 13.43.00

I think they are pretty…. more such plants on the way to my blog……

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wow! purple!! ---one of my favourite color! My order of color-
purple,pink,yellow,red,orange,white. Sui