15 April 2013

Pink Lily

Blog or not to blog ?  Not sure but for today…. I want to do a posting.

It is about my favourite flower… the pink colour lily which only blossom during end summer to early autumn.

For this year, I only bump into a few of them. Don’t know why people don’t grow it that much.

Below photos took from a house a few street away from my place.


I always amazed by this flowers because ONE thing missing from the plant ? Have you already sense what miss out  from above photo ?

A closer look on this gorgeous flower which I like so much….


I know someone going to ask me… GROW ONE lar …

YES… it is my wish to grow a few in the garden BUT I am having a hard time to get the source. Do you know that I need the bulb (something like ginger which cover underneath) the soil ? Yes… I have hard time to find a nursery which have selling this bulb.

Sure some of you said easy lar…. just pull from the one in the photo and run….. hehehe….. i do have the thought too…. but…. mmm… no good lar….. more over…. if I really pull, only the stoke of flower will flower me as the bulb will still hide under the earth.

SO Question !!! What missing from this plant ?

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