02 April 2013

NO to BUILTRITE - Fencing Contractor

IF you are looking for a fencing contractor in Melbourne with the company name of BUILTRITE FENCING, my advise to you is DO NOT DEAL with this contractor !!!!



The Person in Charge  :  ADAM WILSON

Mobile contact   :  0412 557 050

Address in Quotation  : PO Box 1384, Hoppers Crossing, 3029 VIC  (Fax : 03 9749 2016)

This fence contractor is not only not skilful in his field, he is also a liar and he took a job with the intention to CHEAT !

I engaged BUILTRITE for my home fencing job in mid December 2012. He get the fence up by the day before Christmas. I spotted many faults along the new fence during long holiday. Rang him after Jan 2013 and get him back to inspect his horrible finishing. He AGREED on the spot that the work were NOT good and he looked “sincerely” sorry for the trouble cause. Promised he will fixed up the problem and put his blamed on the supplier. We end the meeting with him confirm he will replace all the bad materials once he sort out with supplier.

Rang on early Feb 2013. Told me supplier delay replacement.

Rang on mid Feb 2013. Said materials ready, will be back next week to do the work. Never turn up as promised. Rang Rang Rang. Finally answered. He seriously sick. Hospitalised. Sorry. Back next week which is first week of March 2013.

As expected, never turn up. Rang Rang Rang. Finally he answer. Sorry. Too many new jobs, however this time he free on next week. Sure will settle my fence. Mid March passed, my fence still look horrible but BUILTRITE still not back to fix it.

From 27 March onward I began to ring the contractor. This time NO good. ADAM WILDON decided game over, no more spare time to give empty schedule to me.  He will never pick up the phone from now onward. Just in case he too busy, I text him with hope he will read but of cause no respond. I also dropped him an email for solution and same treatment. SILENCE.

By this stage, I know I will never have him back to fix the fence which kind of sore to viewer eyes. I also know I can’t do much on BUILTRITE as I already did the full payment upon completion of the work.

I put up this posting with the intention to warm others from falling into same situation like mine especially if you are talking with BUILTRITE now for your home.

Almost the faults of the fence built by BUILTRITE are :

1) Cheap panel woods (thin and rough)

2) Uneven over lapping between each piece of wood

3) Huge gap along the fence due to the woods not lay properly.

4) Bottom support woods drop off easily

5) Large holes on woods


Anonymous said...

I wish I had of found this before we engaged them.
I could have written this.
Your post is exactly what we are going through.
The material used, the no contact, the excuses.
He will not answer the phone anymore when he sees its us calling.
Neither will his wife to be.

Anonymous said...

Im sure each and every customer cannot be kept happy every time. They do a great job and we know alot of other customers are happy with them too.
They are the only company around here who goes the extra mile to help out with locating neighbours and giving personalised service.

Before people say or PUBLISH such slanderous and hurtful words, you really should walk a mile in anothers shoes. As I know these people have been to hell and back due to other peoples deception and have struggled to get to where they are.
Your words are read by many, I am sure if you had a bad day at work and your boss published the likes of this, you would be most upset. Have a think about that next time you decide to vent.
Perhaps a kindly reminder would go a long way.

Anonymous said...

I also have had poor service from this company. Paid in full and took over 2 months to do the job.
I have been given the same excuses as the last complaint posting. Adam is sick, the crew hit t a gas pipe - so sick, delays due to not answering phone, too many jobs so will have to wait. Told us he works for Simmons homes, I am led to believe he doesn't on the advice of some one who does the hiring for them.
The wood is thin and bad quality, already pales have split. We complained. After one week they came out and replaced a pale - but - replaced the wrong one'
They don't want to know you once the job is done and can become quite threatening if money is still owing ( even to the extent of removing the fence if the rest of the money is not paid' . )Not on.
To the person who posted the message sticking up for them - if they can't provide a quality product they should not be in business. Would never recommend them. I wish I could write positive things.

ConsultCT said...

Also had a very bad experience with Adam from builtrite. Every excuse under the sun. Then he blames me and tells me I'm an idiot and wrong. Great customer service. I will see you in court Adam. Also quite clear you wrote the poor defence above - if only you spent more time doing the actual work properly.

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ashleydicicco said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ashleydicicco said...

ashley wood
in the last week
A HORRIBLE experience! This man, Adam Wilson, is a thief and under quotes jobs to take a 50% deposit and stall the works with his poor personal circumstances as his justification. I urge anyone who values their money and time to not engage with this person to complete any work at all.

We hired Adam mid this year, he took a +$12,000 depodit and stalled the works completions. There was a delay at the beginning, however this does no justify the following 4 months of refusing to come to site as he was unable to pay for the labor or supplies to complete the work with no clear evidence or justification as to where my deposit went. Whenever I would broach the subject he would tell stories regarding his personal circumstances being less than desirable and being taken to VCAT by several other customers.

Adam under quoted my job to gain the contract, took a $12,000 Deposit to use to pay his etsonal debts, and couldn't complete the works. He stole from a newly wed couple who built their first home.

I then agreed to pay for the supplies, which eventually turned into paying for the supplies and his workers wages as he would say he was coming to complete the works and then never show.
He now owes us money as the works cost excess of what the quoted job and less $12,000 paid from the deposit.

Do not do business with this man, you will be so very disappointed and your time and money will be wasted. Even when I tried to negotiate the figure he owes us, he turned nasty and aggressive.

I have never met a man so determined to pass the blame and fault of his poor management and business ownership skill, and theiving ways onto everyone except himself. Nothing is ever his fault, always the customers, suppliers or his workers.

We are now entering into VCAT proceedings to recover our stolen money.

Dave and Sarah Finn said...

Do not use this contractor!

We choose builtrite as Adam Wilson came back with the best quote which included a free gate if we had our fencing, driveways and pathways done with him. 4 months later and the gate still hasn't been completed, he won't answer calls and has no intention of completing our job.

Worst contractor I have ever dealt with, Adam Wilson is a lying cheat who blames everybody else but himself. Will push to get your 50% and then stall the job using every excuse in the book.

Phil Trenerry said...

I have created a Facebook page called 'I have been scammed by Adam Wilson/builtrite fencing'. Feel free to join

Anonymous said...

This person not only steals from innocent people...he has big accounts that he hasn't paid/isnt paying to his suppliers.

Flip Jork said...

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Leo Star said...

r in Melbourne with the company name of BUILTRITE FENCING, my advise to you is DO NOT DEAL with this contractor !!!!

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Brown kris said...

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Unknown said...

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