09 October 2012

A Postcard (3)

Just removed a posting I did on afternoon. Why ? I tried to be naughty, touch on a sensitive subject. No so good to keep it on public… so gone now.

Back to all my standard non sense…. another postcard which I believe lot of you will have this WOW reaction ! 


What is that ???? Man or Woman ? Seriously I have no idea. This card originally from Germany. The sender must be like me… think it is funny so sent it back to Aussie to share with the mates.

Printed at the back of the card was “Miss Annie Jones” (1860 – 1902) follow by lot of Deutsch explanations which I not understand. So is a Miss …. but look like Mister…. confuseeeeeeeeeeee


Anonymous said...

hmm, i like tis post cos I juz learnt fm wikipedia that there is such a bearded lady fm America, Virgina! Since 5 yrs old, she starts growing mustache & side burns. sui

lea obedencio said...

now this is stupendous XD

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