04 June 2012


Here come my Weee Weee Weee gifts set special shipment all the way from LionLand.

2012-06-01 07.46.33

Damn cute right ? Thanks to you my Angry Woman… u made my life so cartoon now….. seriously, you expected me to use the birdy sticker to paste where ? The banner to plaster my wound when got small cut ??? Ai Yo… those Ang Mor will say this Asian Ki Xiao liao !!!

However, one of the gift just came into good used…..

2012-06-02 11.04.51

Been searching for a small carry case for days to keep my GPS in protection… now I can let my Red Birdy take care it…. weeeee

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i saw tis blog morn but busy wif docs. In fact, y day evening i saw it on yr pic table. keke.juz act blur. hahaha.

weeeeeeee..not so me in using tis word..ya. special shipment for special u.

U need de cute plaster when u scrub toilet!!! kakaka.

The stickers alr sticked nicely 4 u. cant peel out anymore.

Ha, i knew tis pouch most needed by u. I saw it at a mobile stall sometime ago at Raffles & grab it--last pc hanging there!!!! u damn lucky right? sui