03 June 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3

Last Friday was a PANIC day… unexpectedly, Samsung launched the ever precious Galaxy S3 in KoalaLand by placed this drove me nut ad on local newspaper main pages.


The night before I just arranged to buy S3 from BolehLand and than courier it to my city. Now with this news…. no need to wait another 1 or 2 weeks, I could have it by weekend.

Than come Saturday, which was yesterday => my Hunting day. On the move to city as early as 11 (normally I only out to city after noon).

Basically all of the main telco dealers carry this new model but need to sign up 24mths post paid contract…. which not suitable for my usage.

By 3pm, credit card swiped and I got my S3 from the dealer who sell the phone without contact. 

2012-06-02 16.01.59

The best part was it cost my $20 less than what I prepare to pocket out. Weeeeeeeeeee

Next spent another $35 on screen protector and back cover. By 5pm, I am happy and thought I have a perfect day. I never switch to new phone than because I have other program to run and ALSO want to act cool…. wait till go back than set up.

What I thought as a simple task to start using the new S3 turn out to be a heart attack event. Began to sweat after dinner when I reliased I am not able to put the SIM card into the new phone. At one stage I was thinking of using plier to pull the slot open than have the SIM push it.

The smoke at the top of my head were kind of thick than… what the F !! SIM Card design error ????? Decided to Google for specification…than reliased S3 switched MicroSIM concept. Meaning Samsung decided to be buddy buddy with iPhone !

What to do…. no chance to make call on Saturday night.

Today, Sunday… is the die die also must have it ready to use day. Found this microSIM card for my network after 2…

2012-06-03 14.20.57

By 3pm, the new SIM activated…. from there onward…. S3 become alive…… App download download download… MP3 go in in in…. a few phone calls to try out it function and now… stuck !!!!

So many new features to poke….. which one to start first ?????


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