16 January 2012

Yee Shang (鱼生)Dinner

So many peoples talked n put up photos on Facebook of their Yee Shang encounter…… I must get up to the speed… so I insist to have a Yee Shang dinner tonight too.

2012-01-15 21.57.33

After a long few mins of GOOD sentences while stirring the mixture…as  always, the final result was a messy plate which I am very much enjoy eating.

2012-01-15 21.58.33

The main reason for us to visit this eating place was their ever famous mini Buddha Jump Over Wall, kind of expensive bowl of soup but the taste were awesome….. they had a nice pc of abalone in it.

2012-01-15 22.06.34

Than I ordered pork rib fried

2012-01-15 22.05.54

A salad butter prawn… my favourite…. yummy

2012-01-15 22.07.17

and my last dish was something simple but always hard to cook… fried kangkong. The lucky me got the vege which was fresh and the chilly just spicy enough… wow…

2012-01-15 22.07.23

After pushed all these dishes down my throat…. i cant just drive back home…. too full….  spent next 1hr walking around and detour to DVD store for a FEW titles. Time to watch one of the movie…..

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Anonymous said...

my saliva dripping too.. u then KIASU lar.. u not bolehland citizen le!! Our office lo hei tmr . sui