13 January 2012

Healthy Bowel Habits

or just say… Good Shit Bad Shit !!! Smile with tongue out

Used the toilet of a medical centre on yesterday for an urgent leak….. and this was what captured my eyes when I process my business.

Fast fast… camera out. Snap Snap. Share share. 

2012-01-11 13.15.05

So now you know there are Type 1 – 7 for the shit you pump out every time you taking a break.

Here are the close up on the shape categories…. 

2012-01-11 13.15.17

 and I think I miss out the description of each type heath status…. ai yo… have to go back to the toilet for another pc of photo ???

No need to be so serious kua? What I sure is as long as you pump out Type 3 or 4  you are consider healthy.

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Anonymous said...

alamak..eatg my cereal bkf & tis pop out! yo! almost choke lar. sui ..lucky me, i on the tick column. i a everyday bowel person.