22 December 2011

Reindeer Out Again

I think I did shout with excitement down here at my blog on previous year when I saw an auto reindeer on the street than.

Thought I am already over it until this morning when I bump into this year reindeer on the street. Hey… cute… feel so Xmas now.

2011-12-21 13.37.02

Oh ya…. it is a lady driver and she is not those sexy cute chic… but a X size 30 something…. act cute ? or just so in the mood ?


Anonymous said...

so small ... shld buy a big reindeer head put in front mah..more cute..sui

Natasha Gow said...

Lol, so many of my friends complain about how stupid these things are. I just think, if they want to waste the $10 that's their problem. Won't see them on my car.