16 December 2011

Going to be Points Rich

Am a reward points collector. At the moment I have a few such cards with me issued by KoalaLand merchandiser's. The 1 card I used the most (and gather most points) is FlyBuys.

The main brand tie up with this reward card is COLES, one of the biggest supermarket chain in the county. I collected not little points from the outlet on last 6mths. They started to offer double points on certain day of the month and my new credit also give out extra bonus points if I purchase stuffs there.

Today + next 2 days… I am extremely excited because FlyBuys give out 5X points for any purchase.


I can’t do proper typing for my posting right now because my brain is soooooo busy planning what to buy and how to carry back. hehehehe… must make the full use of this promotion. Buy Buy Buy and than…. put those goods aside for months til it EXPIRE… like always… Greedy Old Man.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ya take a huge carton box to store yr buys & trolley it home. hehehe. sui.

We are alike..if watsons hv 5X points, I start to write down a list of items on paper..otherwise i step in, i tend to forget some items when too engross browsing stuffs!keke.

then next round, i buy again, i veri happi, cos can deduct some amount fm the total amt.