17 December 2011

Bun or Bao or 包

Look at these nicely arrange buns in the counter. Almost fainted just by looking at it.

2011-12-17 16.34.38

Know of this outlet (in Melb CBD) since I arrived to the city but never walk in till today. Don’t know why, suddenly craving of having a 包when I am in the city this afternoon. Well, no harm to go for it….

So these were what I ordered for my short afternoon rewards.

Custard Bun and BBQ Bun. Small but no cheap (A$1.80 each)

2011-12-17 16.35.53

Lucky me… both the pao taste better than what I expecting. Look at the Siew Pao filling….

2011-12-17 16.38.44

Nice right ? I suspect the owner could be from 1M…… speak cantonese and a bit Beng look (just like my salah look lar)

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