03 December 2011

Cherrie Picking

The title of this posting sound like I go cherrie farm to harvest the fruits right ? Not really that lucky lar….. my actual meaning is I PICKED these cherrie from supermarket fresh fruit corner. Winking smile 

2011-12-03 10.23.33

Was out for proper breaky this morning… mmm… Subway bacon egg sandwich… should i show the roti (bread photo here??) hehehehe

Decided to have a quick stop at supermarket after breakfast and there I saw a few peoples stood around the cherrie box picking to their plastic. Am not a cherrie person but I know that this fruit is in season now. The market price also go below normal margin due to large amount of fruits harvest this year.

Since it is cheap now so why not have a few too right ? There I go, picking cherrie but kind of hard to decide how to chose…. The darker color or the pinky instead ? Do I need to press press the fruit to see it hard or not ? Should pick the bigger one or smaller one ? Ai Yoh… very headache lar… at the end, I just grab what ever i want to pay.

Just now have a bite on one of it….. not so sweet. Nothing special to me… just cherrie cherri.

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Anonymous said...

i like subway burgers & cherries too. Darker cherries taste sweeter. sui