31 December 2011

2046 - 王家卫

Let me end this year posting with a quick mention on an old movie made by Wong Kar Wei (王家卫) => 2046


When this movie was out on 2004, it was a big firm for art film lover. I know it is good and worth to follow by never watch it at the end because I know I would not be able to appreciate 王家卫 product yet. My patient and logic was not up to his standard.


KoalaLand have a TV station which played only quality movies from all over the world. I recorded 2046 back to Sep 2010 but not touch it since than until last night…..

Since the man is older and the mood is right (last few days of the year) once the film start, immediately I got absorbed by the story and flow along with the director weird ideal in express love.

Too many gorgeous actresses walked thru the set and they made the movie so much better with the present but at the end… the viewer still stay close with the story, the pain and sorrow on the story the director want to tell…. a success….


In this movie, the director picked Adagio (by Secret Garden) as the main background music. He repeatedly played this sad music when the love events came to the end...

I just reliased I already have this piece of music in my mp3 list few weeks back, long before I watch 2046….. I do have a good taste,

Happy Last Day of 2011… I enjoyed every moment of this year. TQ for be with me…. 2011


Anonymous said...

He's veri clever to choose all the outstanding pretty actors/actresses to portray their roles vividly..e.g Gong Li, Zhangziyi,carina lau,maggie cheung,faye. I dun really like faye acting but i love to see her concert.

Maggie cheung 20 yrs ago had that girly young look which i dun like.. She used to act with Jackie Chan & those comical actors, Eric Tseung & Richard, Sam Hui & Ricky ...those movies r so funny. I really laugh out loud. Then when Stephen Chow came out, all these actors were forgotten... I like Stephen chow funny movies that act with Mei Yen Fang.

Maggie looks had matured so dramatically. It definitely for the better. As for Gong Li & Zhang ziyi.. there are my all time favourites.

2046 is the 3rd film after "day of being wild" & "In the mood for Love". I like all 3 of them. sui

Anonymous said...

forgot to add.. i like the lovemaking acts of all the actress..so sensual,sexy & sizzling.