02 November 2011

Summer Ready

This is the new ice cube container I bought from Ikea on yesterday.

2011-11-01 14.16.55

Nice red color and heart shape mould right ? 99cents one…. and I had this cute encounter and check out point. Opted for auto payment so scanned and OK…. than the next horrible thing happen… payment…. No CASH transaction… ai yo… for 99 cts I have to swipe card oh…. so malu !!! In fact this was my 2nd such encounter at Ikea….. next time will take more things when come to self checkout.

Expecting a long hot summer this year…. I kind of sure this 99cents investment will be a well pay off.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ya.so cute..can pop ice cube into mouth liao..best is coke with ice cubes! sui