01 November 2011

Melbourne Cup

Today is Melbourne Cup day, the biggest horse racing day in KoalaLand calendar. Guys in Victoria always excited of this day because it is our public holiday too  Thumbs up 

What about me ? No working day… not a horse man… also not betting boy….. ONE full day free….. this was how I spent my 1st half day…

Instead of see those jockies ride horse on race track I jump on top of my white bike and heading north….. for more than 10km than I reached Ikea…. kakakakaka….. at 11am I order my brunch and this was my good deal…

2011-11-01 11.21.16

For $10, I got a plate of meat ball…. yummy… than another plate of Sweden style apple pie…. PLUS a can of cider apple juice (surprisingly … Made in Sweden printed on the can)

This is a special menu… Offer…..Worth every single cents.

Now come Question…..anyone can advise me how to utilised  the red colour jam come the dish…. should I add it to the meat balls when consume ? Or actually it mean to mixed with potato ???

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

YEEE...sweet jam with salty egg & mushroom!! angmoh way of eating?

oh ikea SG western meal yummy! but dun knw melb ikea lor.

BTW, my girls & hubbie all want go melb !!! so it wil remain either 1st wk jan or 2nd wk Feb. This will b SG off peak season...so travel rates cheaper.

Am now checking & comparing on full tour packages & F&E cum daily tour packages. I can meet u any of the afternoon shopping ctr hrs,or nite time or free day time available. let u knw more details when i hv it. sui