24 November 2011

Recee Mastin–X-Factor Australia 2011 Winner

The reality show junky => ME not follow this year X-Factor on TV….. too many of such singing show made me bored.

Only turn to the program on the final few weeks and knowingly that the 16 yo boy. Recee Mastin  going to emerge as ultimate winner eventually.

Of cos as an expert… my prediction was right. He won the last night and the new song penned especially for him was very nice to hear.

Found it on YouTube so put up here to share.

I like his voice and style but 16 yo rocker…. kind of too young for me…. I believe this song going to turn hit in Downunder very soon. What to do…. he is cute… and Aussie school love him…. and more important…. the expert… i mean me…. like this song too Nyah-Nyah

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Anonymous said...

Good. Got eye contact with audience,shake hands,moving ard like holding his own concert..beg. entrance to stage unique & ending better still..lie down.hehe, i didnt watch any episodes. i watch usa x-factor but nothing x factor abt..drop it...now i am watching tvb drama, Curse of the Royal Harem...lots of evil plots.,exciting.keke. sui