27 October 2011

Roasted Beef dinner

Too stressful from work and my only way to release tension is thru foods…. and this was what I had moment ago for my distress program…

2011-10-27 20.04.21

A plate of Roasted Beef in pepper at a bar restaurant not far from my apartment. It is good ? mmm… so so lar but good to know that I do willing to spend money occasionally. hehehehe

Well, this meal can last me 3-4 meals if use this amount to cook my salah dishes at home….

oh ya… a bit high now cos I also purchased a glass of beer for my dinner… sooooo style leh

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

solution solution solution....

quit lar..if u can.. yr dear can fully support u... 2 yrs of sacrifice liao! sui