21 October 2011


Lot of us know this face…..


Sarah Michelle Gellar or Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. I never watch this series but as a drama king, I have an idea who she was and also know that she was a hit in late 90….

She gone silence since the end of this popular series… until this year… Sarah going to be the in Actress again (drama king predict lar) because… she act in this new thriller series Ringer


The series based on twins sister… 1 nice the other evil. One of the sister get herself into big trouble when she took up the identity of the other sister…. so the story go…. Police chasing the sister, bad guys want to assassinate her, Husband fall in love with the replacement sister, secret lover still hold on to her… money in and out….. etc etc…..

Sarah the real person have the mature woman look now. She not really the pretty face type and her acting just average. The reason for me to hook into this series (after 1 episode) was the twisted story and the unknown dark secrets.

Also nice to see how the producers made her character repeat switching between the 2 sisters. The hair style and the dresses. Yeah… she dress nice too… lucky her…


Lastly, I checked on dictionary… Ringer also carry the meaning of “a person who is almost identical to another

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Anonymous said...

hmmm..i like evil character, nice clothes ..shld b watchg it. sui