22 October 2011


This interesting social network service by Google have the possibility to murder Facebook. No kidding….. 50-50 chances


I accidentally created my access to login on end September (had being bring for long while before this but it only limited to invitation only) For the first 4wks kind of lost as not familiar with it layout and function. Just treat it as another Facebook.

The on going effort to explore this site eventually lead me discover it unique features and now I like it. The only problem now is not many friends link up with me yet so kind of I post I read myself… hehehehe…. like stupid old man.

One of the interesting feature which I like most is I can view random posting from strangers. If I like it, I can leave comment. If that stranger like me, they can link me up so we turn friend.

Of cause there are many more nice features out there waiting for me to abuse… hehehehe…. to those who have G+ or wish to create a G+ access… let me know…. I can link you up or guide you on how to cheat the rule…. 

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