24 October 2011

My Loveeeeeeee

This is my new love…….

2011-10-13 20.49.17

Yeah…. a Magnum ice-cream. Bought a pack of 4pcs 2wks ago. So far already enjoy 3 of them and each of them made me feel like I am having some sort of thing from heaven during the 10mins time when I holding it.

Different from standard Magnum choice, this new flavour coated with a nice bright yellow outer layer. If I am not mistaken, should be Caramel or Honeycomb……

2011-10-13 20.49.44

Than come the time when I sink my teeth on the coating to crack the hard yellowish layer….

2011-10-13 20.50.06

Wow…. can you see the other chocolate layer place between the creamy frozen ice cream with the yellow coating ? The combination are so sweet and creamy till I almost fainted when I have my bites….

One good news is this range of Magnum ice cream price at high side so the stingy me have reason not to bring back a pack more often. Else sure will turn fatty in no time…..  mmm… still have ONE left in fridge…. should i have it now ?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

haha.SG hv..I tried both b4. yes, its ex. caramel too sweet 4 me..i prefer honeycomb! sui