11 August 2011

Pink Magnolia

Ooop… the old man going to talk about flower again….. look like this old man never sick of posting magnolia blog. Just 1 or 2 weeks ago I put up the photos of white magnolia from current season.

Now I going to put up more photos but not white magnolia.

2011-08-03 12.13.35

Can see the sexy pinky colour on the petals ? Yeah…. Pink magnolia less common in garden. Not sure why.

This plant place at open front yard so I had the chance to get up close and personal. Look at the next photo….. sweet right ?

2011-08-03 12.13.54

A knowledge I wish to share… the flowers only pink in colour at the outer side of the petals, the inner side still in pearl white colour. Also, no natural fragrance emit from the flowers.

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