10 August 2011

Freedom to express art

Saw this very nice unknown artist displayed he/her work in the city centre on my weekend outing.

2011-08-07 15.52.20

Location - A stone build bench with aluminium support at the open space near main shopping centres. I can see this beautiful setup from far and just straight away walked to it and took these photos.

This artist (I assume so) wrapped the knitting along the bar in various design which look complicated in some segments.

2011-08-07 15.52.45

The colour placement also very clever. Lot of peoples just can’t hold themselves back from taking camera out to have a few shoot.

2011-08-07 15.52.38

Love the creative mind of peoples in this city….

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Anonymous said...

shld say creative minds r everywhere but to be able to use govt. properties to decor yr artpieces is truly admirable & great. Need licence to do it?? In singaland, cannot sukar sukar oh even if they r super beautiful. Even apply licence, it will be on pending lists until into waste baskets. Sui