17 August 2011

On Little Grey Street

This is Little Grey Street…..

2011-07-20 10.12.10 

Just another small lane behind a main road in St Kilda. So what to blog about ? hehehe… sure got some funny stuffs to talk about la…. look closely on the photos again (both top and bottom) Can you see anything cute or let said special ???

2011-07-20 10.12.22

mmm…. most likely you will said… lot of rubbish bins… graffiti on the wall….  If you look higher…. can you see this ????

2011-07-20 10.06.422011-07-20 10.11.18

kakakakaka….. Devil  Funny or not ? Don’t know which joker so free go and thrown all these old Kiam Hu (smelly old shoes) on the cable line….. I like it though….. Smile with tongue out


David said...

Yes, funny. I used to see this near my home, only one or two pair. I thought, yes, what a silly joker, but Little Grey Street is very popular place to throw the shoes, many pairs hanging together!! Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

u add on yr old briefs & shoes too lar..fun leh. Sui

Ah Tom said...

u think i so free kar ? But i dont mind to bring u there to thrown your old color flags up when u visit me in future... kakakaka