17 August 2011

Bubble Blast

Since I already so done with Angry Birds (waiting for new update with more new challenges) now I switched my focus to other free games. 

Bubble Blast is one of my favourite. Being playing it for a long while but never talk about it here.


What so interesting about Bubble Blast ???  mmm.. it is an IQ game because have to use brain to think on how to burst the bubbles in each level between the limited touch given my the program.


Certain layout are pretty easy… just need ONE touch on the red bubble and it will step by step burst out the rest. However, in between each game they will hide one tough game which could take you forever the get the right move…. and this forever really drive me nut.

So far already completed 2 big folders… the 3rd set on the way to finish….


Wonder is there any other Bubble Blast maniac out there ready my blog now ? I don't know smile

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ok will download n try tis game.
Fm : JJ