20 August 2011

Dame Edna

This is Dame Edna… of cause I am referring to the lady in pink. She is one of the famous comedian from KoalaLand but based in UK since long ago.


I known of this lilac-coloured hair lady back to 10yrs ago when some1 shown me her comedian film. Gosh…. she was this mean, shape cum smart old lady. Sure she got a way to get into audiences.

Qantas engaged her in the company latest business class ad… saw it on this week newspaper. Love it. However, my focus switched to the gentleman next to her after a while and started to wonder…. WHO IS HIM !!!????

Of cause I found out who this man was after a few checking….. Wonder you guys want to make a guess who is him ????

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey..i tot i open a wrong blog tis morn!!! why so black?? aiyo! make my Mon even more blue....grrrr

OK. I heard over radio ads something on qantas biz class abt her & Barry Humphries last thur & fri on new dallas route...nvr bother me much still u put up the pics...so the ad like this. I wanna check up youtube for full ads.

Edna super tall & big size..she has alot of funny ads which i like. i rmbr she got a coffee powder ad. u can check it out. Sui