19 August 2011

Banana Prawn n my frozen fingers

These are banana prawnKoalaLand product (mentioned so because Asian groceries shops imported smaller prawn from SEA)

2011-08-18 13.58.15

This week supermarket put up good promotion price so uncle went there to grab some back… less than 500g. The counter guy told me it is still frozen (normally they display the defrost type) but I can’t care… just buy.

Than come the peeling skin party, on my 2nd prawn…. REGRET !!! my thumb screamed of pain (today temp highest 15C)…. ai yo…. still got ice inside n around the shell.. die la die lar…. However, I know the logic of freshness … if I can get the peeling job done fast and return the prawns back to freezer than I can keep the quality of the prawn in it best condition… right ?

So put up my brave spirit and continue my task…. now they are in small separate bag…. ready for cook cook… weeee

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Anonymous said...

cheap but fingers suffer!! u ah..if its my fingers,,die lar...wan tan liao.Sui