04 July 2011

Lazy Lazy Lazy

Sooo tire of chopping cutting fried and than wash wash wash under cold like ice tap water… decided to be try the less troublesome way of having meal….  and my answer is OAT !

2011-07-04 15.21.35

I know I know… Oat is more for breakfast but think about … as long as it can stop my hunger… who care right ?

I guess my way of having this oat consider healthy because I boil fresh milk than pour in the prepack oat for extra few mins before serving.

2011-07-04 15.22.45

As for this trial run…. I hold back my desire to add in sugar…. ok.. not so sweet but can do…. Now I have another new menu for lunch and dinner….


David S. Bader said...

Ah Tom - This looks good. You give me a good idea. I have a big box of oats, I will cook some this morning in milk, but I will add brown sugar :-)

David S. Bader said...


Anonymous said...

Healthy choice of brand. Definitely better than Quaker oat..so boring,,no special flavours too. Sui