05 July 2011

Bribe probe hits former Malay PM

This was how The Age headline printed in today newspaper ! Surprised smile  Awesome, another big page dedicated to BolehLand but with the word BRIBE on it…. nothing so shocking to me though.

I am more interested to know which ex is the lead actor….. so have a quick scan… let me cut and paste part of this interesting news here to share with you guy !



(Just click on any of above article will bring to the full article on this news)

So any such report appear in 1M media ? No need to use my brain to think also can get the answer lar…. Rolling on the floor laughing


Anonymous said...

any articles on SG land? which definitely cant b seen in our local papers. U must blog it for us to read ok!

Ah Tom said...

Sure he have to respond wan... but as usual, 200% denied of any involvement.


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