25 July 2011

Fish Head

Passing seafood store n this big head caught my attention…. mmmm… seriously BIG. You can use the shells on the top left corner to imaging the size of this head.

Question => Its this a real fish head ? 

2011-07-20 15.17.27

My command sense told me it was a fake display head…. curiosity made me to poke my head to the left and right a few time (there was a glass window btw me n the head)

Conclusion, it was a fresh head because I saw pinky fresh meat at the back of the head….. Fish Head Curry anyone ?


Anonymous said...

ah..tis "catfish" is it? looks blur even afer death.hehehe. Sui..

Anonymous said...

Sui,tink tis not catfish lah.catfish got 2 feelers infront leh then head more square.dono wat fish is it.Tom make assam fish head lah..(",)

Ah Tom said...

Talk easy... curry fish head.... siao