03 June 2011

Super Loooong

The is this construction site for a new apartment not too far from my place.

I saw this nice big crane position directly at the side of the site. The task of this machine was to feed concrete (still in soft form) to the construction workers….  

2011-05-20 14.44.50

So how this work out ? Back to where I from, we can see many workers manual mixed the cement can carried this mixture to the location by foot…

Nah…. this is KoalaLand way of transport the mixture…. 

2011-05-20 14.43.35

Can see the white colour mixture vehicle ? The big machine will pump the concrete from this vehicle and directly channel the mixture thru it long white crane and released it at the location which have just few workers holding the end host.

2011-05-20 14.44.02

What a man powerless why to get the job done…. now you know why jobless rate are high here…. Just kidding

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Anonymous said...

Brother,spore oso got is lorry leh.
for lift upgrading in hdb,they will use tis crane loh.
Fm : JJ