02 June 2011

Malu (Shame) Big Time Again

Today local newspaper have big big printed title with BOLEHLAND name on it……

2011-06-02 09.32.30

I question myself…. BolehLand got refugee meh ? As far as I know… BolehLand have million of illegal people from Indonesia which the government most happy to issue them status because they are from MALAY-LAND… so can consider Abang Adik kan (mate to mate)

Than I decided to spend a few extra seconds to read on this article…. oh… no wonder kena (got) torture lar…. they were Burmese… not Indon…. sure different story. Thru the way these victims described their encounter (click on the above photo will bring you the the news article) mmm….. sound like they had given out a few points which kind of common back to BolehLand….. could be true lor.

Who knows right ?

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