24 June 2011

Kiss on Potato

Ever thought seeing lips mark on potato ?

YES for me.. I saw it on yesterday at supermarket. Quickly pulled out my camera to capture a photo to share with you guys here…

2011-06-23 14.19.41

If you look closely, you really can see a lips look alike pink marks on the skin of this potatoes. For curiosity reason, I did bought 2 pcs back with me.. but what to cook with ? Still no idea !

I believe this is a season fruit/food because this is the first time I come across this range in market….

Try to imaging this.. If happen that the consumers like this potato so much and the demand huge in worldwide…. China businessman sure want to make easy profit from this product right ? They will just gather a few old auntie, apply pink lipstick on their sexy old lips than kiss the ordinary potato….. in no time, lot of equivalent Pink Kiss are ready to ship out from China !

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey..u real clever to think so fast for the china mkt!! hehehe.

I can do the pink kiss too...more prettier for sure..hehehe. Sui