30 May 2011

Love Never Dies

This is the title of latest theatre product by Andrew Lloyd Webber, the sequel of his ever popular The Phantom of the Opera.


Melbourne has being picked to stage this new musical and premiere last weekend. According to media report, if the reception go well, it could turn into international Broadway production in future.

The not too artistic me not ready to go for the musical at Regent Theatre but I never miss out the opportunity to listen to the songs from this musical. How this happen ?

 2011-05-29 14.31.16

hahaha… Sunday Herald give away free CD with every purchase of it newspaper. I just need to pay $1.80 for this 11 Song CD. Good deal !

2011-05-29 14.31.08

It fact I am listening to the 6 new songs now….  also enjoy the old familiar music of original Phantom at the 2nd half of the CD.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I dislike u!!!! envy u got tis chance to watch but never go. Donkey yrs ago, in London & Sdyney, me & my friends will watch almost all the theatres show there. Opera Hse so damn grand lor & tickets cheaper too..$1.80 CD..aiyo..u earn all liao..deeply envy is the word. Sui

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