30 May 2011

Above the fence !

This posting very funny…. sure some of you would love this posting….

Ok… look at this nice brown brick wall… very tall wall which blocking peoples from look into the garden compound right !?

2011-05-10 12.12.02

Now…. tell me, have you find out the reason why I post up this photo ?

I hope you did….. he was kind of stood out from the picture right ?

Nah…. give you a closer look at my friend …. 

2011-05-10 12.12.08

Ha… cute right ? and I know the next question popping up on your mind is how my friend made it to reach such a height ?

Don’t ask me for answer cos I did tried but he just stared at me without answer. Rolling on the floor laughing


Anonymous said...

oh.1st pic. I saw the statue head. It look like real dog to me!! Got alot of fallen maple leaves...wonder did u pick some 4 me?? Sui

Ah Tom said...

Dear.. it is not statue... it is a REAL dog.
The wonder was how he climbed soooo high

Anonymous said...

easy lar-owner must hv put stack some barrels or boxes near wall, so its precious dog can spring up to look see outside world. Sui