26 March 2011

Ugly Birds Rio

Still very angry with Ugly Birds organisation... why they torture Android phone users by putting this new App to Amazon App Store which prevent fans from outside USA access to this game !!

Free at night time so decided to look around www for alternative solution..... found one link who claimed fans could download the APP from it site.... and this was what I got before midnight...

Yeah... I can view Rio front page... however, it is not a function-able APP because it need to in connection with internet when poking + it shut down after a short while of poking.

The desperate me spent a few mins poking my phone till I advance to 3 games.... and than decided to stop.. no fun... too much time wasted on reboot the game.

Since tomorrow is Sunday and I am free again (visitors went back in morning) I decided to spend more time to search for Rio solution..... wish me luck !

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