27 March 2011

Australia Grand Prix

Today is the first race of Formula 1 2011. The race venue was Albert Park which just is just 2km away from my street. I was looking forward for this race since last week and reliased myself enjoy the 2 hrs+ 58 laps on TV (Live)

I figured out eventually the reason for me to be so relax when watching the race was non of the car bearing the logo of “1Malaysia” on their body… No wonder I feel so normal again. Been tortured by the logo for ONE full year on 2010 season because that sign oh…. yeeee…. no eyes see ! Thumbs down 

Back to Formula 1…. I was in very odd position since 2 yrs ago because I just do not know who or which team I am support now !

I am the fan of Michael Schumacher but his return to joined Mercedes so far not showing any good result. I can’t afford to support a team that not in top 3 positions mah !


I put Ferrari as the team to follow by since Uncle Schumacher quick… the team overall performance just not 3 not 4. However, by having Alonso in their driver seat it make me want to stay with the team.


Than come Sebastian Vettel….


Like him since his early day in Red Bull and he keep on impress me with his result… Like today, he started at the front grid and drove his way to the checker flag as winner….. but but but…. I don’t like the team he engaged with… RED BULL… not too fancy leh !

Soooo how now ? Who to support ? grrrr… have not decide yet… just watch la… next week will be Sepang round….. go Sebastian… Go ! Thumbs up

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