01 March 2011


Today is the first day of Autumn at my part of world…. don’t know why but I feel sad and moody when I think of Autumn….. maybe I am the romantic type of person….

Autumn make me think of end of a wonderful moment, what remain is memory….. Autumn also carried the feeling of brown and dry…. Autumn could be sad too because it smell deadness…. yeeee…. so deep and dark… better stop thinking of Autumn.  

One of Chow Yuen Fat & Cherrie Chung movie (when they were still handsome and gorgeous) always trigger my feeling toward Autumn. Any Uncle or Auntie know which movie I am referring to ?

An Autumn's Tale 秋天的童話


I don’t really remember how the story like by now but I just love the title of this love story… Nice words in used to describe Autumn.

Positive reason for me to welcome Autumn –> No more sweaty body. Shower earlier and shorter time Hot smile and of cause, Autumn is so much more better than the evil winter…..

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